Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you are here. I hope you will find my writing challenging and useful in your own spiritual walk. Below are the main features on this blog with a short description of what exactly each one is.

It should definitely be noted that I have radically different theology now than I had during the first four years of writing this blog.

Then I thought I had two natures: an old one and a new one. Now I know I have only one nature. The old is gone. The new is here. All that is left is putting to death the actions and habits of the nature I used to have but is no longer. This has changed everything about how I interact with God and life.

Happy reading! May God bless you abundantly from the storehouse of His wisdom, mercy and love!

About Me

I am a Master of Divinity student of Fuller Theological Seminary. I live in Jersey City, NJ, which is right outside Manhattan. I love studying Scripture, theology and history; hanging out with friends and eating chocolate. Being in grad school full time allows plenty of opportunity for the first and the last, but maintaining time for the middle category is difficult.

To learn more about my life story, theological background and aspirations, click here.

Joy in the Morning

An almost daily feature sometimes exploring Scripture in its historical context and at other times simply sharing encouraging tidbits from Scripture or my life. The goal of this feature is to strengthen, encourage and comfort the reader by engaging timeless biblical truths in the current moment in which we are living. Click here.


Currently these are all short 2-5 minute clips sharing insights on various Scripture passages. These are insights that I have noticed while memorizing large portions of the New Testament and meditating on them. Click here.

My Daily Journal

This is a quite personal journal I kept for just over four years. I share about my experience while becoming sober and walking through Celebrate Recovery’s 12 steps. Some posts may be uncomfortably personal. Please read at your own discretion. If you tend to judge people for mistakes or for freely admitting their mistakes and being incredibly vulnerable and open about them, this is a feature which you should not read. If you would like to read it, click here. (This feature was retired during my sabbatical in 2018.)

My Weekly Thought

In these 147 weekly posts, I reflect on the work God is doing in my life and what He is challenging me to do. I discuss spiritual truths I have learned on my journey. Topics include fasting, peace, rest, self-control, patience, fear and much more. (This feature was retired during my sabbatical in 2018.)

Monthly Theology

These posts take a less personal and more theological approach than my previous daily and weekly features did. I discuss the theology of the Beatitudes, the Holy Spirit, the epistle of James and more! (This feature was retired during my sabbatical in 2018.)

Creative Writing

Random pieces of creative writing spread all along the way!

A Final Word of Caution

Once again it should be noted that I do not cling to what I believed in the past. This blog is a journey through life. What I believed when I wrote each of these posts is not what I believe today. I hope it is with genuine humility that I allow you to see me in development not only as a writer and a theologian but especially as a person.

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