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Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

I write this while transitioning this blog from a story of my recovery to something entirely different. The end result of this transition is quite probably going to be a blog that focuses heavily on explaining Scripture in its cultural context while making it incredibly relevant to the everyday reader who may even be entirely unfamiliar with Scripture. Right now my blog includes devotionals, short teachings on Scripture and many random things I am learning throughout my seminary experience. I hope it is helpful for you. To learn more about the contents of my blog, click on the Quick Find menu. To learn more about me, click here.

May God bless you with the abundance of His glorious riches in the heavenly realms! May your day be filled with peace and joy and a surplus of His love. May the fruit of His Spirit overflow from deep within you, spilling over into all the lives of those around you. May you experience union and community with all who are dear to you. May forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration ever be a part of your life! May God bless you more than He has ever blessed me! May you experience His favor more than I have ever tasted it! And may I join you on this journey of experiencing Him in indescribable ways!

Peace and joy,
Laura Kae

RSS The Walls Came Tumbling Down

  • Doing Justice February 11, 2019
    Have you ever wondered why Jesus told people to walk around naked? It’s a topic I am hoping to make my first sermon sometime in the next two years. In the meantime here is a really short answer I offered in response to an answer on a midterm. I hope it has relevance to your […]
  • Joyful thanksgiving! February 1, 2019
    This morning I was having a conversation with myself as I thought about my life. I giggled and said, “Laura, of course God loves you! He even jumps up and down when He sees you because He is so happy!” I laughed knowing it was true, if not literally then certainly metaphorically. It’s sweet to […]
  • Me, not first January 25, 2019
    “If a community had to choose between building a shelter for the poor and a synagogue, they were required to build a shelter for the poor.”* Such was apparently the guidelines for semi-autonomous Jewish communities in the 12th century. When I read this line, I couldn’t wonder how different the world would look if Christians […]
  • Peacemakers January 21, 2019
    Today I am going to celebrate all the people I love in my life. Right now some of them don’t like each other, but I am going to rejoice that God has called and ENABLED me to love them all – Democrat and Republican, gay-affirming and homophobic, rich and poor, self-employed and day laborer, corporate […]
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