Laura Kae

Blessed is she who believes that God will fulfill his promises to her!

Knowing God without guilt and stress

“God, I want to be close to You again,” I murmured to myself as I dealt with children’s laundry. Certainly this week I overflowed with gratitude that I am a nanny again. I continued letting my murmuring flow forth automatically, listening to the thoughts of my inner self, “I just

Chosen: warrior princess

I have been having a super enjoyable life these last few months. It has its plot complications, but it has been filled with an irrepressible and uncontainable hope and joy. I am into these things. I have been learning to fight a victorious battle. Luke, Mark and now Acts have

Jesus: bread of heaven

Sometimes time is a real constraint in my life. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that about three years and three months ago, I looked in the mirror one night. Talking to myself in bleary mindlessness, I said, “You know if you wanted to actually

Thirst: you are the master

“I can’t help what I want.” “I can’t help what makes me feel good.” “I can’t help how I am wired.” “I can’t help how I find rest best.” “I can’t help what I find entertaining.” “I can’t help what my taste buds like.” “I can’t help what I crave.”

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