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  • Archives to all blog posts. Most posts are archived after one week. These archives also include:
    • Joy in the Morning
    • Creative Writing
  • Archives to the first four years of my blog (1,695 posts), which includes:
    • My Daily Journal. 1,515 daily posts of the story of my recovery from addiction and abuse. I started this blog to chronicle my journey through the 12 steps of Celebrate Recovery. To learn more about Celebrate Recovery, click here.
    • My Weekly Thought. 147 weekly reflections often pondering deeper lessons that God was teaching me along the way. (Rest, peace, fasting, joy, meditation, etc.)
    • Monthly Theology. 20 monthly articles discussing practical theology on topics such as the Beatitudes, the Holy Spirit, the epistle of James, and more.
  • Access to current Special Features, which haven’t been started yet. These will include more extensive teaching on how the context of culture and history impacts our personal belief systems and interpretation of the Bible. If this explanation seems more than you wanted to know. Let me rephrase it by saying that I will attempt to put the Bible and history into a perspective in which anyone can understand no matter how little history or Bible they know. I will engage culture in such a way as to consider what Jesus’ words first meant to those who initially heard them and therefore we will better know what they mean for us today. Consider this early article posted in my Joy in the Morning column.

May God bless you with abundant peace and provision!

Laura Kae

P.S. Currently this blog is run as a business and not as a 501c3 organization. I have no plans of changing its status in the future. Happy reading!

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