About Me

I have a Bachelor’s degree in history from Dakota Wesleyan University and a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. When I began my seminary studies, I sensed that after seminary I would spend a few years reading every available surviving document from the era when Scripture was written. At that time I had no idea that I would end up doing so as I dug up any clues I could find of God’s intent for women and women’s experiences throughout history. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Roman law, Jewish law, ancient philosophy, archeology… each sheds light on the experience of women in ancient times.

I don’t expect you to trust me when you first meet me, and I don’t want you to easily do so. I am not sure that I ever want you to do so. I wish to present Scripture and historical realities to you, and I expect you to investigate them thoroughly. I will provide sources for the historical and cultural information I present. As often as possible these will be primary sources. Evidence that survives from two and even three thousand years ago. Your job will be to check if I am right and apply the truth you discover to your own life.

Together, as I present you with the details of history and you discover if indeed these things are true, you will become confident of the God-ordained position of honor that is the destiny of women, co-equal and co-reigning over Creation alongside equally ennobled and empowered men. If you are a woman, you will become confident in your body. If you are a man, you will no longer feel threatened by the bodies of women being in spaces formerly reserved for men by patriarchal, misogynistic structures in society.

May God bless you as we study together,

Laura Kae

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