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Who am I? I write this while transitioning this blog from a story of my recovery to something entirely different. As I do so, I ask myself a major question, “How transparent am I supposed to be the rest of my life?” Part of me asks, “Do I have to be transparent at all?” Truth be told, it is a little tempting not to be. Why tell you about that from which God has redeemed me? Why act like I have a story? It would be like showing you a picture of me wishing the world a merry Christmas on December 25 with full head of bed hair. Why would someone ever do that?

But you ought to know something about me. This will help you know what my biases are and why I look at the world as I do. History and culture often shape us as much as we shape them. The people who surround me have had an impact on me. Some of them for good; some for not so good. As a finite creation in such a great, big universe, it is not always easy for me to know whether I am actually being objective when I think I am. After all, my eyes and my brain have no room for the entire universe.

As you read this blog, it is very important to note that what I used to believe is seldom exactly what I believe now. This is especially true of the first four years of this blog in which I share my recovery story. I was openly and honestly blogging about change that God was creating in me. Not everything I said is good theology. It is simply what I believed then to get to where I am now. What I mean is this: Don’t argue with me too hard, I probably don’t agree with me anymore either.

My Core Beliefs About God, Christ and Humanity

Personal Quirks and Spiritual Passions

Theological Background/Church Experience

Career and Other Parts of Culture that Have Impacted Me

The Story of My Recovery

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